A Summerschool for Children

Een sociaal-culturele herbestemming en restauratie van een voormalige mijnwerkers woning Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia, 2005 In coöporation with Katarina Simoncicova

Ones up on a time there was a house in a small town called Banská Štiavnica. The house had lived a very long life, and always helped the people who lived inside. He gave the miners the opportunity to enter their mines and find Gold and Silver. He also enjoyed theater where he saw people play. And he was very happy to be able to help the firefithers to do their work. During all these years the house looked really nice and was always one of the most happy houses in the town. But now the House isn’t happy anymore. Nobody is taking care of him. And his town is slowly dying.
 One day, our house decided to help the town. He wanted his town to become again one of the most funny towns in the country. He wanted people to come to his town again. He wanted them to see how important his town was in the past. He wanted them to see that his town is really nice and funny.
Our house started to change himself. But this time he decided for himself that he wanted to make children have fun and be happy and in the same time he wanted the people of his nice town to be happy also.
The house used the spaces he had into rooms for the best artists of the town. The other rooms he changed for the children. He remembered the theater, and remade it for the children. He also thought of the miners, searching for Gold and Silver. So he made stairs, which looked like mines.
In the garden he made little mines where the children can play. He also made a room where they can make their own masterpiece, like the big artists of his town. He made an oven for the children to make bread. And in the room which was all on top, he made a space for the children to sleep and give them the best dreams they could ever have.
When the house finished all the work, he started to be happy again. Not only because he was able to help the artists of his town. Also the children were playing and were having fun. They were learning about the great things he had lived in his town.
After some years the other houses in the town started to follow the example of the house. And little, by little, the town started to change. The town started to be really nice again. And a lot of people came to visit.
The house was very happy to see his town, Banská Štiavnica, became one of the nicest towns he could ever think of. He lived happily ever after, and he had lots of fun with all the children which came to visit him.

By Katarina Simoncicova and Koen Aertgeerts